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Serious about Volleyball and want to take your game to a new level? 

Our nationally recognized program, the VB RAGS Volleyball Academy, is now in New Jersey, hosted at Coastal Sports in 5 Gardener Rd, Fairfield, NJ.

For more information on Private Lessons, please contact us via:


To Schedule a private or small group lesson, via Schedulicity, please follow this link:

Private Lessons

Come for a private or a group lesson, and let’s work on those technical areas you either need to learn, or reinforce:

For Hitters: Need to work on your approach? Need to work on your arm swing? Want to learn to hit in a faster tempo? Need to work on attacking different types of sets? Need to work on hitting off speed shots? Need to work on hitting specific spots on the court? Need to work on your blocking technique?

For Setters: Want to learn or improve your footwork? Need to work on your contact point? Need to speed up your release? Need to work on your accuracy? Need to work on your setter's attack?  Need to work on your Jump Set? Need to improve your back set?

For Liberos: Want to improve your footwork? Want to work on your platform? Want to work on your tracking of the ball during Serve Receive? Want to improve your reading of hitters? Want to improve your “emergency” setting in transition? Want to work on your field defense?

Serving: Want to become a more effective server? Need to improve your toss? Need to improve your contact point? Need to improve your serve location? Need to develop an effective Jump Float Serve? Want to learn how to serve an aggressive Top Spin Jump Serve? 

During your private or small group lesson we will teach you and the rest of the players in your group the proper technique and will provide you with instant feedback via video review, and on-the-court demonstration.


Private (1:1): $100-$125, depending on instructor          

2 players: $65 per player        

3-4 players: $50 per player

5-8 players: $40 per player

More than 8 players: Please call for pricing

All lessons are held at Coastal Sports, 5 Gardner Rd, Fairfield, NJ 

VB RAGS Private Lessons

VB RAGS Private Lessons