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Club Volleyball

Our Junior Volleyball Club Program Description

Through Best-In-Class Volleyball Training, our passion for the sport, and our Values-Based approach to teaching and coaching the game, since 2016, VB RAGS Volleyball Academy has been the #1 Junior Volleyball Club in New Jersey, has built a reputation as one of the top Clubs operating in the Tri-State Area, and has won multiple Regional Championships in the process.  We offer different programs, with different levels of time and financial commitment, to ensure every player has an opportunity to train and compete within the program that best fits their needs.  What all our programs have in common is a commitment to excellence, in a fun, supportive, yet challenging environment that will  allow each player to fall in love with the sport while learning life-long lessons that will serve them well both on and off the court.

The Indoor club season begins in early November, and ends in late June. 

Our Open Level Teams:

Our focus is to compete at the national level, so as to allow our players to measure themselves against the best players in the US, while providing them exposure to college scouts across the country.

We train our open-level team players in the same way NCAA programs train theirs; high intensity practices, where discipline, effort, accountability, performance, commitment, and the rest of our core values guide our every step. As competitive as our culture is, we provide and foster an environment that is fun and supportive, in order to enhance self-esteem and create human bonds that transcend the volleyball court.

Our National competition schedule is one of the most competitive ones in the country. We play between 11-13 events in the season, including 2-3 national qualifiers. About half of the events we play will be multi-day tournaments that require travel and hotel accommodations, which are not included in the club fees.

Open-level teams practice three times per week, which include two team-focused practices, and one position-specific training session, designed to continue building technical excellence in each of our players.

Our Club Level Teams:

The focus of our club-level teams is to compete within the Garden Empire Region, in key tournaments where our players can measure themselves against some of the best regional players and teams in GEVA. We train our club-level teams the same way we train our open-level teams, with a focus on building technical and tactical excellence, in the same supportive, and values-driven environment.

Our club-level teams will compete in 7-10 events throughout the season, most of them being one day, local events, and 2-3 being multi-day events within driving distance.

Depending on the relative strength of each team, they may participate in the higher division of a tournament (called “Open Division”), or on the beginner/intermediate-level division (called “Club Division”).

Our club-level teams practice twice per week for 1.5-2 hrs each.

Our Beginners Programs:

Our Beginners programs are designed for players with little or no experience playing on a team. These teams aim to teach the fundamentals, as well as the tactical elements of the game, while preparing players to continue growing in the sport.

Beginners will practice once per week, for 2hrs per practice.