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Outdoor Volleyball is a great  compliment to a player’s indoor training, in a really fun environment. In a 2 vs 2 setting, players will see an acceleration in the development of overall skills.

American success in Beach Volleyball at the Olympics has generated momentum that has allowed the sport to grow at the NCAA level. The fact that Beach Volleyball is quickly growing at the NCAA level is opening a door for junior volleyball clubs who had previously only focused on the indoor game. At VB RAGS Volleyball Academy, we always incorporated Beach Volleyball in the training program of our indoor players. We are so happy others are catching on!

This Summer train on the beach with us . . . it will be a blast!

100% Earned!

Team VB RAGS Alumni, you were not afraid to DREAM IT; you decided to WORK IT, now you get to LIVE IT.

Also, Congratulations to our Class of 2020 on your recent commitments. Enjoy your last season high school and club volleyball!

Top 10 reasons why VB RAGS Volleyball is #1 in New Jersey

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