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2017/18 Club Season

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Answers to some FAQ's

Why Pre Try-Outs Evaluations?

Every season, the level of competition to make our club teams increases, and the try-out process can be stressful for all.  The Pre Try Outs Evaluations allow us to look at each prospective player both individually, and comparatively, within a given age group.  We will evaluate players on the basis of Skills, Talents, Attitude, VB IQ, Past Performance, and Overall Fit with our Club Culture.

How are the Pre Try-Out Evaluations used by VB Rags Volleyball?

We will use the evaluations to give each player an early, honest assessment of which of our teams they are most likely to make, assuming, come try outs in November, they are competing against the same caliber of players that came to the Pre Try-Outs Evaluations.  Within 10 days of the Pre Try Out Evaluation, each player will receive a formal, written evaluation form that rates them in each area we are evaluating.

What happens if a player performs poorly on the given day of the Pre Try Out Evaluation?

All players have good and bad days.  As coaches, we understand this, and our assessment takes into consideration several areas that in aggregate, give us a good, DIRECTIONAL  idea of a player’s potential to have a meaningful role in one of our teams.  

If I can’t make the September 10th Pre Try-Outs Evaluation, will I still have a chance to make a VB Rags team come try outs in November?

Yes.  The Pre Try-Out Evaluation is not a formal try-out, those will take place in November, and dates/times will be announced soon.  If you miss the Pre Try-Out Evaluation, however, you will miss the opportunity to get an early assessment as to which of our teams would likely be a good fit for you, come the new club season.  Also, please note that with a limited number of spots in our different teams, we know many talented players will be competing for the few spots available.  The sooner we evaluate your talent, and know of your interest to play at VB Rags, the sooner we will consider you as a prospective player on one of our teams.  We anticipate some spots, on some teams will be filled before formal Try-Outs, so it will be in your best interest to attend the Pre Try-Out Evaluation if VB Rags Volleyball is one of your first choices for club in 2017/18. 

What can I expect at the Pre Try-Out Evaluation?

We will run several drills to give players the chance to show their skills, and we will also measure each player in Athletic areas such as Blocking Reach, Attacking Reach, Vertical Jump, etc…We will also time players for Quickness/Speed and Agility.  The session will be about 1.5hrs long, with an hour of technical drills, and about 30 minutes dedicated to measuring and timing players.

When will VB Rags Volleyball announce coaches, practice times and locations for each team?

The details pertaining to each of our teams, including tournament schedules, club fees, etc... will be announced before end of October, at a Parents Information Meeting.  The specific dates for the Parents Information Session and Try-Outs will be announced soon-stay tuned.

I have heard VB Rags creates its teams long before try outs and unless I played for the club the previous season, my chances of making the team are slim to none.  Is this correct?

As a competitive club, we are always evaluating players.  We do not wait until November to begin evaluating players.  However, teams are not formally created until we go through the try out process in November.  We may have a good idea of who the leading candidates are to fill each position, but we do not finalize rosters until we've had a chance to hold try outs.  In terms of your chances to make one of our teams if you did not play for our club last season, the reality is that all of our players know they need to earn a spot every new season.  We have a Merit-based system.  We are not a social club, and we do not operate on the basis of  Seniority.  While we will do all we can to offer our returning players a spot on one of our teams, the reality is each player will have to earn that spot, and said spot is not guaranteed just because you played for us last season.  This ensures the best players will earn the available spots, so newcomers are welcome and encouraged to come to our try outs, and show what they can do.  Our players receive best-in-class training so if you are trying to beat them out for a position, you will have to BRING IT.